Residency at I-Park (Connecticut - USA)
During the residency at I-Park I will work on a piece based on sound material taken from the natural environment of the area. Both the live use of this material and the recording and subsequent edition make up interesting alternatives for the composition. Three types of results may be achieved: acoustic performative, electroacoustic performative with live electronics or purely acousmatic.

I-Park is a 450-acre woodland retreat in rural East Haddam, Connecticut, USA. Each of the 6 international artists of diferent fields will get a studio for the time of the residency. The potential of these idyllic surroundings will be reflected in the individual creative process.


Prometheus by Jean Delville The Colors of Skrjabin's Poem of Fire
As a member of the Team Harmonik Wien I've been working on the color-realization of Skrjabin's Promethée, Le Poème du feu, which we are going to stage in the old city of Gmünd in Carinthia, south Austria. The production will be part of the 8th International Congress of the International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry (23 - 28 August 2010).


at the studioEgocentric Experiment of Virtual Instrumentation
This audiovisual electroacoustic work is based on my violin octet Transfiguraciones de Calostro. Seven of the eight violin parts are recorded. I work on these tracks and electronically distribute them accordingly in space. The violinist plays the remaining violin part live together with the recorded ones. The result is an ensemble where the eight players are the same person.

An audio-only version of the Egocentric Experiment of Virtual Instrumentation was presented on Friday May 29th at the concert-hall of the University of Music of Saarland in Saarbrücken, Germany.

The complete audiovisual version emphasizes the same concept of virtual proposal, showing us the same musician multiplied on stage, as he plays or as he waits. The piece invite us to rethink the way we understand and accept reality.

In collaboration with violinist Tigran Hakhumyan and visual artist Julian Bergheim.

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