Controlled imporvisation and experimental music theater for trombone and octophonic live electronics.

Premiered at the Saarland Museum in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany in July 2007.


The trombonist, who finds himself surrounded by 8 live controlled speakers, plays his instrument in the most unusual fashions and acts interacting with the variety of audio signals that come out of the speakers. The musician in charge of the live-electronics builds an each time different spatialization with pre-recorded material and audio being recorded live during the performance, creating a musical richness in time and space, offering music interrelations for the public to discover and enjoy. The piece is divided in five parts:

1. Awakening (childhood)
2. Introspection (adolescence)
3. Dialogue (youth)
4. Memories (adulthood)
5. Death (old age)

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